To complete the design activities, AM Construction Models is able to create style models and prototypes, both for the automotive and industrial sectors, responding to any type of quality requirement. The modeling makes use of high-level instrumentation. Recently updated and expanded, today the structure is able to create prototypes of all sizes, up to a 1: 1 scale model of a car. Among the prototypes already made there are, for example, mock-up parts of interiors, milled seat foams, bonnets and details in carbon (also with aluminum inserts frersed from solid).

Materials we can mill:

  • Polystyrene, Styrofoam
  • Sponge density from 45 to 75
  • Clay
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon molds in WB691 and WB700
  • Typing patterns in WB1404 and WB1222
  • Master realization from MB720 to WB1700

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