AM Construction Models has thirty years of experience in the milling of models and in the creation of elements.

Its headquarters is in Trofarello (Turin) in a modern warehouse, inside which the spaces for the creation of models, fiberglass elements and a box for manual modeling and assembly have been obtained.

Our strength is the extreme flexibility and the speed of response to the program changes that inevitably arise in our work.


We are a model shop that mainly deals with milling in the automotive sector, the production of parts in epoxy resin (heat resistant) and the construction of style and show-car prototypes.


  • Interior maquette style models
  • 1: 1 scale exterior models
  • Construction of chassis for cars
  • Control gauges
  • Epoxy resins
  • Foam seats
  • See-through style models
  • Assembly of interior models
  • Clay application
  • Carbon molds
  • Carbon lamination
  • Models for thermoforming
  • Injection molds
  • Milling clay models


AM Construction models acts as a partner for its client, accompanying and advising him in all phases of the creation of a model.

In addition to the production of milled parts and fiberglass elements, we are able to produce carbon elements, using the best professionals in the sector.

Furthermore, thanks to our partners, we are able to deliver to the customer also parts in rapid prototyping, and to provide for the painting of individual parts or entire models.


We have a highly qualified team and offer excellent service for our customers.

We have staff dedicated exclusively to CAD / CAM using Rhino and Auton, Milling machines with excellent experience and knowledge of the CMS 5-AXIS MILLING SYSTEMS FANUC CONTROL and Modelers expert in the application of clay on models and in the layering of heat resins, epoxies and carbon in vacuum.

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